Social Security Administration
Vulnerability Assessments

CTI completed a contract with the United States Social Security Administration, Office of Protective Services, to perform vulnerability and threat assessments of each of approximately 1,500 of the Administration’s Adjudication, Telephone Center, Regional, and Local office buildings within every region of the continental US and US Territories within a one-year period.  These studies were based on the new federal security regulations and guidelines for federal buildings.  The studies included survey and evaluation of property’s physical security, access control and intrusion detection; reviewed contract security guard credentials, training certificates, permits to carry weapons, post orders, and observed normal guard operations and interaction with the public; identified and evaluated threats against staff and office; developed security action plans, policies and procedures; developed violence in the workplace awareness and training programs; made recommendations on improving overall security (physical and electronic detection/alarm systems) in both office design and facility perimeter; developed overall general security training and awareness programs; and developed local and surrounding area crime incidents and statistics.  With each recommendation, design plans and associated cost estimates were provided.